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Cabinet Painters Denver CO | Painting Vs Staining Cabinets

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Pros And Cons Of Cabinet Restaining

With cabinet painting, you have more color selection than staining! Call (303) 323-0005 to schedule a free cabinet painting estimate.

If you’re tired of the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or other area of your home, restaining your cabinets may just give the room the spark it needs!

Advantages Of Staining Cabinets

Staining cabinets typically costs much less than refacing them, and restaining is a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

If you love the natural features and grain of the wood on your cabinets, restaining them will preserve that look.

You won’t have to tear up your kitchen or live in chaos for weeks or months, which you’ll have to do if you choose to replace your cabinets.

And staining is an eco-friendly solution – your old cabinets won’t get thrown in a landfill.

Disadvantages Of Staining Cabinets

The main disadvantage to staining cabinets is that it’s harder to ensure high quality – the cabinets won’t necessarily look brand new. Also, you’re limited in your color selections (when compared to painting cabinets).

And if you don’t like the look of wood in general, or the specific type of wood that your cabinets are made of, then restaining them is bound to be a disappointment.

By staining your cabinets, you won’t be able to change the style or layout of the cabinets, or be able to correct structural problems, such as damaged or warped doors and drawers.

We used to stain cabinets, but just found that it was too difficult to consistently attain the high quality that we need to offer clients. As a result, today, we only offer cabinet painting services. And we’re one of the few interior or specialty painting contractors in the Denver that do paint cabinets.

We’d be happy to talk to you about your options for cabinet painting. When you schedule an appointment for a free estimate, if you tell us what kind of wood you have, we can bring a sample painted cabinet door. The sample door will show you exactly how beautiful paint can look on cabinets, when it’s done right!

For details on the pros and cons of cabinet staining, please call (303) 323-0005, or e-mail 

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