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Pros And Cons Of Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet painting is less expensive than cabinet refacing! Call (303) 323-0005 to schedule a free cabinet painting estimate.

The work and expense of cabinet refacing falls somewhere between cabinet painting or restaining and full-out cabinet replacement.

Cabinet refacing typically involves buying new cabinet doors and drawers and “skinning” the cabinet frames, which are left in place. Typically, the new skin for the old frames is a plastic veneer or wood veneer.

Advantages Of Refacing Cabinets

Cabinet refacing is less expensive than cabinet replacement, and it can give a new look to the cabinets and the room. You’ll get new cabinet doors and drawers, and you can choose new colors (from a limited selection). If you have drawers that don’t slide well or doors that are crooked, warped, or chipped, refacing your cabinets will eliminate these problems.

Cabinet refacing takes less time than cabinet replacement. A cabinet refacing project can be completed in a few days or a week, as opposed to the weeks or months it can take to order, receive, and install new cabinets.

Cabinet refacing is also more eco-friendly than replacement – you’ll be throwing out the drawers and doors, but the cabinet frames / boxes will stay in place.

Disadvantages Of Refacing Cabinets

The main drawback to refacing your cabinets when compared to painting or restaining is cost. The downside of refacing your cabinets, as compared to replacing them, is that you’re stuck with the same configuration of cabinets.

Also, in most refacing projects, the interiors of the cabinets aren’t touched, so while you have new doors, you’ll be looking at the old interiors every time you open the doors.

Not many interior painting companies in Denver have the experience, expertise, or patience to tackle cabinet painting projects, but we love them!

If you would like to talk about cabinet refacing vs cabinet painting or the 3 ways to refinish cabinets, we would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate, which includes a free color consultation.

For more on the pros and cons of cabinet refacing or to schedule an estimate, just call us at (303) 323-0005, or e-mail 

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