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Painting Cabinets Vs Replacing Cabinets – Which Is Better

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Painting Cabinets Vs Replacing Cabinets

Need to compare prices between painting your cabinets and replacing them? Give us a call for a free estimate, (303) 323-0005.

The majority of people have never heard of professional cabinet painting! If they don’t like the looks of their cabinets, they just automatically think they’ll need to replace them.

But replacing cabinets can be an extremely expensive remodeling option, whether the cabinets are located in your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your house, townhouse, condo, or loft.

In a kitchen remodeling project, the best time to replace cabinets is when you’re replacing the countertops and/or redesigning the layout and functionality of your space.

But if your kitchen layout is staying about the same, there’s no need to replace kitchen cabinets simply to obtain a new look! And why replace old cabinets that may be high-quality (and/or constructed in place) with new cabinets that were made on an assembly line? It seems a shame to haul those old cabinets to a landfill, only to order new ones, that will probably be manufactured overseas.

Instead of replacing your cabinets, let us professionally paint your cabinets so that they look brand new and up-to-date! How do we achieve such a high-quality finish? Through a proprietary, multi-step cabinet painting process that involves: cleaning, prepping, sanding, buffing, caulking, etching, priming, and painting!

Not only is cabinet painting less expensive than cabinet replacement, but it can also be completed in far less time. If you order new kitchen cabinets, you may be waiting weeks to have them delivered and installed, and your kitchen will probably be in disarray while you’re waiting.

We can complete most kitchen cabinet painting projects in a week or less, and you don’t even have to remove everything from your cabinets. We paint the cabinet boxes (frames) in place, by hand, using brushes and rollers. And we remove the doors and drawers and prep, sand, and spray paint them in our warehouse.

By painting your cabinets, instead of replacing them, your color selections are limitless! In a free color consultation, we can show you before and after photos of some of our cabinet painting projects – the kitchens look brand new!

Not all interior painting companies in Denver do top quality cabinet painting, and none take it to the professional level that we do! As a locally owned and operated business in Denver, we have painted hundreds of cabinets all across the metro area – we have the references to prove it!

For information on painting cabinets versus replacing them and the many benefits, please call (303) 323-0005, or e-mail

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