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Painting Cabinets Vs Refacing Cabinets

Want to find out how much it will cost to have your cabinets painted, so that you can compare it to refacing? Give us a call for a free estimate, (303) 323-0005.

If you would like to have a new look in your kitchen, refacing cabinets is less expensive than replacing them.

But refacing is still more expensive than painting cabinets, and with refacing, you don’t have as many color choices (you’re restricted to stain colors).

Refacing cabinets involves putting new doors and drawer fronts on the cabinets, and gluing thin strips of wood or laminate to the cabinet boxes (frames).

We’ve perfected the process of painting cabinets, so that they look brand new! This involves: disassembling, cleaning, prepping, sanding, buffing, caulking, etching, priming, painting, and reassembling the cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes (frames).

We hand paint the boxes (frames) in place, using brushes and rollers, and we paint the doors and drawers in our warehouse or mobile workshop (a 20-foot trailer that we bring to your home).

This incredible attention to detail produces a high-quality finish that looks great and resists wear and tear.

The primary reasons to paint your cabinets instead of reface them could include:

We started our interior painting company in the Denver area in 1999, and we have professionally painted hundreds of sets of cabinets. At your free estimate appointment, we can show you before and after photos, and also provide you with a free color consultation.

To find out more about painting cabinets versus refacing them and other benefits of cabinet painting, please call (303) 323-0005, or e-mail contact@denverinteriorpainters.com.

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