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Best Interior Painters In Denver | Cabinet Painting Denver

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Interior House Painting
We’ll Paint A Wall, A Ceiling, A Room, Or Your Entire House

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Top Quality Interior Painting

Need an interior painting estimate? Call (303) 323-0005 to schedule your estimate.

We offer top quality interior painting, every time, with every job!

We’re an independent interior painting company, locally owned and operated. We do interior painting throughout the Denver metro area, including cabinet painting.

When it comes to interior painting, the best quality includes the following:

No Low Spots
Paint coverage should be consistent throughout, with no low spots on either the walls or the ceilings.

No Overspray
There shouldn’t be any overspray from an interior painting job. Overspray is caused by bad aim and/or poor painting techniques.

No Drips Or Runs
Paint should be evenly applied with no drips or running, which often occur when paint is applied improperly to vertical, smooth surfaces (such as metal).

No Cracked, Flaking, Or Wrinkled Paint
Paint starts to crack or wrinkle when it’s not adhering well to the surface, and it can actually flake off.

No Bubbles Or Blistering
There shouldn’t be any bubbles or blisters on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Bubbles or blisters typically form when water vapor is trapped below the paint layer.

Clean, Crisp Cut Lines
When walls and/or ceilings that are next to each other are painted in different colors, there should be clean, crisp “cut” lines between the two colors, with no bleeding.

Consistent Stippling Or Texture
Brushes and rollers leave behind a texture or pattern, and this stippling should be consistent across the wall or ceiling.

Caulking And Minor Wall Repairs / Patches
With a good interior paint job, you should get clean caulking between the wall and the baseboard, around window sills, etc. Also, walls should be repaired or patched before painting, so that the flaws don’t show after painting

Top Quality Paint
When it comes to interior painting,  the quality of the paint can make all the difference. The quality of the paint impacts not only how it applies and sticks to the surface, but also how well it holds up over the years.

Our painters always ensure the best quality on every job by using the best in paint, supplies, and techniques!  We offer minimal disruption to your life and we’ll keep our work space clean and tidy.

For more information on our top quality interior painters, please call (303) 323-0005, or e-mail