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Painting Houses | Interior Painting Contractors Denver CO

(303) 323-0005
Interior House Painting
We’ll Paint A Wall, A Ceiling, A Room, Or Your Entire House

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We Love To Paint The Interiors Of Entire Houses And Condos

We can paint your entire condo, loft, townhome, or house, in less time than you may imagine! Call for a free residential, interior painting quote, (303) 323-0005.

We love to paint the interiors of houses. From small condos to large custom homes, along with every type of property in between, we provide interior painting services.

If the property is empty, it’s fairly simple to complete an interior painting project. But we realize that most people want their homes painted while they’re still residing in them, and we work hard to ensure that there’s as little disruption as possible.  It’s one of the many benefits (along with saving time and money) with hiring us vs. DIY.

If you’d like us to paint all of your house, we’ll work closely with you to:

Unlike the approach of most other interior painting contractors in the Denver metro area, we prefer to hand brush and hand roll. We believe that this method of “old-school” craftsmanship not only produces better work, but also prevents the “overspray” that is almost inevitable with common spray painting approaches.  Our process offers minimal disruption to your life and we respect your home by keeping our work space clean and tidy.

We love color and design. At our free estimate appointment, we’ll be happy to offer you a free color consultation on any interior painting project.

For more information about painting your house, or to get a free estimate, please call (303) 323-0005, or e-mail

Please make note: If you don’t need your entire house or condo painted, we’ll be happy to paint a wall, ceiling, room, or cabinets. Locally-owned, we’re not part of any franchise or corporation. We have liability insurance and Workers Comp insurance.