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We Love To Paint Ceilings

Let us paint your ceilings! Call (303) 323-0005, and we’ll be happy to promptly give you a free estimate on our interior painting services, including ceiling painting.

Most do-it-yourself painters don’t enjoy painting ceilings. Factor in the ladder, the neck ache, and the constant dripping, and it’s no wonder ceilings can be the most challenging phase of interior painting projects.

But, we love to paint ceilings!

We can paint all types of ceilings, including these:

When we’re painting ceilings – or walls, rooms, or cabinets – we hand brush and roll them, rather than using a sprayer. This produces higher-quality, longer-lasting painting! Not to mention, less chance for a mess!

We offer a free color consultation, which can be very helpful, even if you’re trying to decide which shade of white to paint your ceilings.  Or, if you’d rather, you can create your own color boards to help you decide the best look for your home.

For more information about painting ceilings and our detail oriented process, please contact us at (303) 323-0005, or e-mail contact@denverinteriorpainters.com.  We’ll be happy to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Please note: As part of our interior painting services, we also paint walls, rooms, cabinets, and entire homes! We’re an independent interior painting contractor. We’re not part of a franchise or corporation. We have full insurance coverage, liability and Workers Comp.