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Paint Color Of The Year 2017

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The paint color of the year for 2017 is “Poised Taupe.” Says who? Sherwin Williams, one of the top paint manufacturers in the U.S. chose the color.

Who knows what “poised” means, but taupe is typically a beige-brown color, sometimes described as a cross between brown and gray. Sherwin Williams’ “Poised Taupe” is a warm brown, plus a cool grey.

The color actually makes sense with what we’ve seen our clients choosing as interior paint in recent years. Grays are definitely still in, and taupe is a warm, earth tone that many people seem to like.

Somewhere around 2010, cool gray came into favor as people moved away from vivid colors as their choice for interior painting. But sometimes, when you paint living rooms, bedrooms, and other interior areas in gray, it can seem too cold or industrial.

This version of taupe seems like an updated, interesting evolution of gray.

For sure, Sherwin William’s paint color choice for 2017 will appeal to a broader range than some of the choices in the past five years:

2016: Alabaster (cream)
2015: Coral Reef (orange-pink)
2014: Exclusive Plum (plum)
2013: Aloe (mint)
2012: Argyle (emerald green)

What’s the best color to paint the inside of your house? If you’re planning to sell your home, we’ll give you recommendations. Otherwise, it’s whatever color you’ll love the most!

In a free color consultation, we can show you paint samples and talk to you about the feel you want for the room, the impact of natural light, and how to match or contrast colors.

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