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Free Color Consultation For Interior Painting

Give us a call, (303) 323-0005, and we’ll be happy to promptly schedule your free estimate for interior painting, which includes a free color consultation!

Ask someone to choose a color for painting a wall, room, or cabinet, and the majority of people freeze up.

Not us! We love to help clients pick colors for their interior painting projects, and that’s not something that most other painting contractors in Denver would say.

But we love doing it – we always have – and we’re happy to offer a free color consultation for all of our clients and our prospective clients.

During your free color consultation, we can tell you what’s “in” right now (lighter walls – particularly light grays and taupes) and balance that with the look and feel you’d like for your home.

Rather than just latch on to what’s trendy (like the Color of the Year), we can step you through a more contemplative, personalized process of selecting interior paint colors. Our ultimate goal is to help you choose colors that you’ll love for years to come, regardless of the latest fashion or hottest color.

The most important criteria for choosing interior paints include:

The Feel Of The Room
Interior paint color selection begins with what you want the room to look and feel like. Are you aiming for intimate or open, calm or alive, subdued or bright, subtle or dramatic? None of these choices are right or wrong – they’re personal to you! Once you can articulate what you want the end result to feel like, it’s easier to select paint colors for your walls, ceilings, accent features, or cabinets.

Natural Light And Its Impact On Paint Color
Light has a considerable impact on the color of walls and ceilings, which is why it’s never a good idea to make a final decision about a paint color while you’re standing in a paint store, looking at paint chips on a strip. We also don’t advise buying a bunch of color samples and painting them directly on the wall. Instead, we recommend that you get large pieces of painted cardboard and hold these up in front of the items that are in the room you plan on painting.

Color boards are usually available through Benjamin Moore’s Affinity collection of interior paints. Or, you can paint your own samples. In either case, we recommend looking at these giant paint samples, in the room that’s going to be painted, at different times throughout the day, as the natural lighting increases or dims.

Matching Or Contrasting Paint Colors
As you’re thinking about interior paint color selection, you’ll want to decide whether you prefer to complement the items in the room (furniture, artwork, rugs, flooring, etc.) or pick a paint color that contrasts with them. In most cases, it’s better to “decorate” the room first (at least on paper, even if you haven’t purchased all of your items), before choosing your paint color.

To receive more information about selecting your interior paint colors or for a detailed estimate, please call us at (303) 323-0005, or e-mail

Please make note: We’re an independent, local, interior painting company that provides interior painting services across the Denver metro area and foothills.  We’re fully insured, with liability coverage and Workers Comp coverage.